fredag 28 december 2012

Custom Star Wars

Just to make one thing clear, I’m not a toy customizer, there is a lot of amazing talent out there who can pretty much sculpt and design anything. I just do this as a test, to see what I am able to make. And I had fun while doing it.

There are some Star Wars characters who happen to be pretty rare and incredible expensive ones. I’m thinking of the Imperial Dignitary, A-wing pilot, Blue Snaggletooth and Yak face to be precise. And they are pretty boring characters too. I don’t feel like spending a fortune to get hold of them to complete my collection. A quick look at EBay and the cheapest buyitnow option, these 4 characters would cost me about 500 dollars and that doesn’t even include the shipping cost.

Instead I thought I would make my own interpretation of them. My customs won’t fool anyone but in my display case with all the other vintage figures they blend in pretty good.
I resculpted and painted the Potf2 yak face´s beard and his jacket/furry "scarf"
Here I took a vintage Emperor, made him taller and removed his hood and gave him a more imperial dignitary head gear and sculpted a new robe for the upper part of his body.
This was pretty simple, I just cut off the feet of the red snaggletooth and replaced it with Ree-yees boots. I also smoothed the booths to look more like the vintage blue ones boots. Then I just repainted it.
I resculpted the head gear and the black chest piece and the suits lower abdomen.

söndag 9 december 2012

Målade Tintin, Haddock och Milous ankomst till slottet Moulinsart. Mest för nöjes skull. :)

måndag 17 september 2012

My Fortress Maximus

My Fortress Maximus.

 Let me make one thing clear. I was a MOTU-boy growing up. I never really liked Transformers. If it didn’t have MOTU written on the box I wasn’t really interested. So I know it’s kind of absurd that I got a Fortress Maximus in the late 80s.
And I got it for free.
And to make it even more complicated, Max wasn’t even released in the northern Europe. Especially not I Sweden where I live.

Brace yourself and get ready for this is the strange, morbid and bloody tale of how it all came to happen. Well, it’s not that much of a morbid and bloodthirsty tale I must admit. Then again, I am Swedish so you never know. And I hope you don’t mind the spelling errors and grammar fault in the text below. Mind you, I am Swedish.
A morbid and Bloodthirsty Swede indeed. I’m just kidding! My story starts with me as an innocent young boy, at such tender age the only women I had the pleasure of fondling around with would had been Teela or possible Evil Lynn.

-It was the year 1989 and a new shopping mall got built in my town. Okay, it was only 5-6 stores but it was something new and fresh that attracted families and all sorts of curious citizens from around the community. (No drunks since no liquor was sold there, they mainly stayed close by the liqueur store down town)

It was a “Hey let’s spend the Saturday walking around in the shopping center” Kind of feeling. Let’s make a whole day of those 5-6 stores. One store had already closed for good short after the grand opening. I think it was a Pet shop. Those poor, poor animals. I remember being over all impressed by the architecture of it all. It was all brickwork. The buildings. The pavement. The bricks. It was a big deal. Well maybe not. But it was a solid build nonetheless. “Sturdy”, people might had whispered in awe. But that rarely happened. In fact it never happened.

One of the newly opened stores who wasn’t a soon to perish Pet shop or overstocked denim clothes stores was a brand new toy store. I was about 12 years old and had slowly begun the converting from action figure nerd to full blown video game nerd. The MOTU craze had perished for good it seemed. And also my life it felt like. No more MOTU? The concept were hard to grasp and I remembered the tragic news had hit me like a ton of bricks (much like the ones mentioned earlier) a year or so before in another rivaling toy store then the one mentioned earlier. “But there’s a “New adventures of He-man” coming soon, the lady in the toy store told me. “But its smaller figure” she continued, literally crushing the sad little boy (me) in front of her even further. “Smaller? No more anabolic versions of strange monsters and heroic lads in blonde fruity hair dues? “The New adventures of He-man?” I ask you!

But the choice between visiting a clothes store full of stoned-washed jeans and a toy store was a much easier pick. (Oh I got my share of stone-washed jeans in the 80s alright) But not today! (1989) Today (still 1989) I went into the toy store and lo and behold an entire section with Transformers stood in front of me. Or the other way around I guess. I stood in front of a literal wall of Autobots and whatnots. It seemed like a wall but my memory betrays me a bit and as a 12 year old boy most things strikes you as being a gigantic wall of some sort. Plus I wore glasses and that could have changed my perspective of thing slightly. Nonetheless, my far from 20/20 vision caught something on that wall.

It was a paper. And on that paper it proclaimed a contest of some sort. It was a drawing contest to be precise.

Bloody hell! I said out loud in my head. I didn’t usually curse in fear of my parents lurking around the cursing area because that could seriously put a dent in my plan to gain more toys and comics which I loved so very very much. No, the only real toy related cursing had occurred some years earlier when I found a Kobra Khan at a great discount. “Holy shit, that’s cheap!” I had said out loud this time. But in my defense, A: my parents wasn’t around and B: I didn’t think it would mentally affect my younger brother who was with me at the time. In fact it didn’t.  I am proud to inform you that I now swear frequently and without much hesitation. I’ve come a long way. But I digress.

The instructions wrote “Draw your own Transformers” Wow, It could not have been simpler. Well I guess it would have been much simpler if they just gave it away right there on the spot. But no such luck, those cheap bastards! I cursed in my head. Not to worry, I then thought instead. I could actually draw and paint really well even in that early stage of my life, since I had made sure no physical activities stood in my way to perfect my nerdy skills, being drawing superheroes, nude women or mastering Duck Tales on the Nintendo. This is going to be easy, I thought.

One fact that I was strangely unaware of at that time, or even more so, completely uninterested in was the fact that this contest in selected toy stores (I think it was a Danish store brand that had opened in Sweden) was the only way to get hold of F.Max at the time. You could buy your everyday Transformers but not the Fortress. No sir! It was like a forbidden robot fruit. Are there any Transformers who can transform into a fruit or vegetables? I ask myself mainly because I’m starting to get hungry as of writing this. I’m not sure why they didn’t sell Fortress in Europe but maybe it was that simple that the market for Transformers wasn’t really big around here and Max was deemed too expensive for the ordinary family. The contest might have been a publicity stunt to gain attention to the Transformers brand. But I’m guessing here.

So while the biggest problem you youngsters in America faced in the late 80s, namely convincing your parents to cough up with a ridiculous amount of money for a huge shape shifting plastic toy instead of spending it on that much needed eye surgery for your grandmother. We on the other hand, here in the dark and cold part of Europe; we couldn’t even get it if we wanted to. And we did want it mind you. If we had walked up to one of our parents and said with teary blurry eyes “Father, could you perhaps reach in to thy hart and thus your big wallet and giveth me and my 7 brothers and 8 sisters’ one measly Fortress Maximus to play with come Christmas? Please?”

Father would then had put down his pipe and newspaper and screeched towards my person “ It isn’t even released in this particular part of the world you little runt!” And the backside of his hand would have been my only x-mas gift from this fictional father figure. Not to speak of the whooping I would have received from my brothers and sisters for screwing up their plans of getting Christmas gift for their own part. If they too hadn’t been fictional. No, the contest was the way to go indeed!

So I draw a transformer. To tell the truth I was so uninspired at the time so I simply redrew a picture from the infamous Garbage Pail Kids Transformers robot “Hot Headed Harvey” But to please the elderly employees (again I was only 12 in comparison) I made it into a peace loving robot that shot flowers from his weapons and had kids dancing around him in pure joy. It made me sick. It still does. But the sickness in that drawing granted me a giant robot who could also transform somehow. It was indeed a Fortress Maximus. All was well.

I remember very clearly the phone call I received that particular day and the ladylike voice (in fact she was very much a lady) who told me I had won the contest and I simply had to come over and pick it up. I also got a phone call earlier that day from the local library who informed me that the book about dinosaurs I had reserved was now available. What a day!

But the downside of the actual win was pretty harsh. You see, they put my sickening (but with excellent pencil techniques mind you) peace loving robot drawing on a big cardboard sign and kept it in the store for several years! In fact I got it back when the store closed for good along with all the other stores in the area.

I could be sitting on the school bus minding my own business and some random kid would genuinely be interested and ask me questions about the contest since he and all the other random kids had gazed at my drawing in the toy stores window. Well, the cool kids had no clue because they had all stopped going to toy stores years earlier and now only attended sport shops or other stores with big bold letters with exclamation marks in their windows that had “cool” written all over it. Not sickening flowery heartwarming pictures of kissing Robots. Because that’s not cool. And it always haunted me in a way that I was being marked as an uncool kid at such young age. I regained a lot of coolness since then and even to a degree where I’m not slightly bothered by others people’s view of me. Also I have converted from drawing hugging and loving Transformers into a genuine Star Wars fan boy and that is okay in everybody’s book so no problem there.

And with all the teenage pubing jedi mind tricks messing around and scrambling your brain I wasn’t really certain I liked the damned thing. (The Robot) And while transforming it to its battle station form once or twice every year, the Max mainly remained in the attic. Thus preserving it in mint condition. Except for the box, since it was always in the way the constant shifting would create some scuffs and scratches over the years. But then I moved from my parents and consequently the box moving came to a halt. The Fortress and its paper coffin just laid there. And the years pasted until suddenly it was the year 2008.

 In 2008 the economies in Sweden were at an all-time low. The company I had worked for during 8 years went bankrupted and I lost my job. By a chance I found out from a coworker, who happened to be a huge Transformer fan, the extraordinary value of the F.Max. My stars what luck! My stars!

 I still had Max in my parent’s attic where I left it many years earlier. It really was a no-brainer; I sold it for a good amount of money to another Swedish Transformers fan. I took joy in knowing that my Max would finally come to its right. No I’m not talking about coming to its right á Toy Story 3, I’m talking Toy story 2. It went to another collector!

 I must admit I missed the big guy from time to time. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and my childhood in particularly. I never thrown away any of my toys, in fact I saved all the MOTU boxes and card backs from the 80s. I felt something was missing, a piece of my toy collecting puzzle. Or maybe I was missing a part of my brain, I’m not sure.

 Once in a while I dropped the buyer an email to check if he still had Max in his collection. And sure enough it remained there. I thought about asking him to sell it back but I didn’t really need it and I felt genuine comfort in knowing where Max was. Plus it was a lot of money involved. No, he had to keep it! I thought it would be very much like an adoption, I guessed without really knowing the pros and cons with the whole procedure of adopting a giant toy robot.

 But one evening, in fact a couple of weeks ago, regarding when you read this of course, I looked at the Transformers auctions on the Swedish version of Ebay , pronounced EEBaiiue ( Not really) and behold! Amongst the 40 items of vintage Motu and Transformers for sale (yes, its huge here in Sweden) there it was. My old Fortress Maximus. My toy! There it was! My ol Maxie boy! This was a toy related cussing moment if there ever was one!

 I quickly emailed the guy who once bought it from me and he explained that it was time for him to sell parts of his collection and get some money since he was soon to become a father. Very logical thinking on his behalf but I on the other hand was actually already a father so I saw nothing that prevented me to buying Max back! And I bought Fortress for the same amount of money that I got from the collector years earlier.  Again, very much like an adoption. I’m still guessing here.

 There you have it! The Fortress Maximus and his master.  My big, bold, beautiful and lovely Max that I have grown to love with all my heart! I will never leave you behind again or stuff you alone in the attic! You are here to stay! I also have a daughter who evokes the similar feelings.

 Ironically yours,

Proud F Max owner Henrik

torsdag 15 mars 2012

Star wars diorama Jabba´s Palace

Well, here it is, my Jabba the Hutt diorama. First of all, This diorama isn’t an attempt to make a movie screen accurate diorama, Its meant to look good and to be fun to put it simply. 
My english isn´t that accurate either but I´m pretty sure that most people who googles on Star Wars dioramas want to read this in some sort of English language and not in Swedish, even if the grammar is really out there.

As you soon will see, its a bit different from other Jabba´s Palace dioramas on the web.
I really don’t want to crowd my diorama with just a bunch of weird and strange looking aliens because some of them aren’t that attractive if you know what i mean. And hey, the figure Ephant mon takes half the diorama space itself..
However, If you would like to insert every single strange creature that appeared in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi its easily doable since Hasbro strategically releases every thinkable star wars character that ever appeared on the big screen.

And since I don’t have any intention to do a Mos Eisly Cantina diorama i thought, Hmm wonder how the palace would look on a Saturday night with more humanlike star wars characters showing up to have a nice time at Jabbas funky place. It can´t always be "aliens only night" right?:) Anakin having a drink in the bar, Yoda digging and listening to Max reebo´s band, Queen Amidala on the karaoke.. Jabba sacrifices a green skinned girl to the Rancor. Everybody in the Jabba house just having a blast.
And sure, I know Yoda isn’t likely to attend this kind of party, But hey, I need to place my figures somewhere don’t I? :)

So it’s a Jabba´s Palace/Cantina bar diorama. And yes, outside the palace a land speeder arrives, complete with Obi Wan, Luke and c3po and r2d2 being questioned by a group of sand trooper. Just as their arrival at Mos eisly in A new Hope. But at writing time I’m waiting for the right figures to arrive in the post, so no photos of that event until later.

So what’s my diorama made of?
Well, I recently bought a flimsy cardboard "star wars Jabba´s Palace 3-d diorama" from the power of the force-Line from the late 90´s. I bought it merely for the textures, the paintjob so to speak that I found was pretty good. And then I bought a second set of the same paper-diorama and started to rebuild it.
If you want to take a look at a review of the diorama, check out Micahc6v8´s YouTube clip. He has several interesting reviews, comparing new and vintage Star wars toys. Not toys, collectibles is the word in looking for. ;)

Anyway, here is a picture of it, just put together, Its pretty simple and basic but I thought it would be fun to try and improve it.

First of all I scanned all of the front pieces and the whole back painting because I knew that I had to destroy the original. Then I could just print some new pieces. Neat huh?
I glued the cardboard on Styrofoam, the walls, the floor and the valve. I also made the staircase a lot firmer since it was so wobbly no figures could stand on it on its own.
It’s made to fit an Ikea Lack wall-shelf so its 110cm long/74 3/4 "long thats why we see it all from the side.

Here are some work in progress photos; you can see that I started to "sculpture" the base so it would be more 3-d then the original paper-thin 3-d. I also glued decorative sand on the surface to give it a sandy, dirty feel to it. Then I added paint on the whole thing. And I changed the design a bit for the final version. All for the best.

I needed to make the stage for the Max Reebo band a bit bigger so I used the paper "throne" to make it bigger. The final band and bar area is a bit small and crowded but since I needed the whole diorama to fit on a Ikea LACK shelf I couldn’t go on forever.

The shape is coming together on the left side, still a lot of work need to be done.
And in front of the throne in the floor, I painted and built in I a vintage Jabba the hutt throne with trapdoors. Simply since the painted trapdoor on the cardboard from the original diorama looked awefull.  In the future I will make the Rancors pit below and then I will make a hole on the bottom of the vintage trapdoor throne so you can look down directly into the pit..or throw someone down there. I also bought a vintage death star elevator to take me down to the prison dungeons and that android torture scen from the movie. But that is for future projects.
Here I´ve added a valve front, put on some moss that need some paint, metal rings and chains and black net as a drape on the roof and Reebo stage. It´s actually a women net-stocking but I simply couldn’t go in to a store and buy women stockings. So I sent my girlfriend Stina. Wow, she is so supporting with all my crazy projects.

Well, I digress but here are the final photos.

Above: The bar and music stage. The ugly Han Solo carbonite figure that came with the 3-d diorama set makes an excellent bartender, here cleaning a glas for the thirsty guests. R2d2 and c3po serve the drinks. C3po is hard to spot, he’s behind Padmé Naberrie . Some Jawas are roaming around the set. I might put in a hammerhead figure or something to break the tatooine night club gang.

 Above: Yoda uses the force on his wine glass.

Above: Ladies and gentlemen and weird looking creatures, The Max Reebo band!

Above: R2D2 projects a hologram of Jedi Luke Skywalker to Jabba the Hutt. Just a funny ideá I had.
I need to put a lightsorce from R2d2 to the hologram..but this have to do for now.

 Above: The left side of the diorama. I put Carbonite Han solo up on the wall, guarded by 3 Gamorrean guards, Amanaman in the back. The vintage Amanaman was the first Star Wars figure I got when I was a kid, well the ONLY one I had as a kid since I DIDNT LIKE Star wars until the late 90ths!! Then I actually got forced to watch Star Wars a new Hope on Laser Disc. Then I was hooked. Weird or what? Thanks Andreas for the introduction to a galaxy far far away :)

Above: Sandtrooper, ready to inspect the oncoming Land speeder. Jabba´s Palace Dancer didn’t fit on the music stage so here we are. The Left side of the diorama needs some entertainment too don’t you think? Malakili Rancor keeper also in the back, Leia and chewbacca are a important element. Also Boba Fett just arrived. Nice. Nice.

Above: Jedi Luke confronts Jabba himself. I usually try to keep my figures untouched and original but 2010 Jabba the hutt legacy collection needed un updated paintjob to look more familiar to the movie Jabba. But the sculpt is real good. The sculpt on slave Leia is probably the best so far of all the slaves out there. A Jawa waves a palm leaf to cool Jabba a bit, just as in the movie. What? Movie accurate? It’s unheard of in this diorama. Oh well, squid face, c3po and Bib Fortuna and on the far left we got Greedo and Lando Calrissian as skiff guards. Olaa is dancing around somewhere there too.

Jabbas throne from the front.

Above: The whole diorama. It’s a shelf diorama so it’s pretty flat. There are some great huge dioramas out there on the web and probably ten times more accurate and better than this. But hey, it looks pretty awesome here in my room :)
Hope you enjoyed watching it too. Until next diorama..

torsdag 16 februari 2012


Haha, precis när jag byggt färdigt min "lågbudget" Hoverboard från Back to the future så annonserar Mattel att man kan förboka och köpa en glidar hoverboard replica. 120 dollar lär den kosta. Jag vet inte hur de kommer lösa glidarfunktionen (den kommer inte sväva men glida över de mesta material som man kunde läsa i deras monter på New york toy fair) men jag ska återkomma och berätta hur jag byggde min :)

fredag 20 januari 2012

Ladda hem Alice :)

Gjorde en liten färgläggningsbild till kidsen på Alice dagis, de skulle ju fira hennes födelsedag med glass osv så jag tänkte de som ville kunde få måla lite också. Nu kan du också ladda hem, skriv ut och måla för fulla muggar :)

Hoth diorama Backdrop

Ett litet bygge som försenats oerhört är mitt Battle at Hoth diorama. Nu har jag ialla fall fått bakgrunden till isplaneten Hoth. Jag säger inte att 2,4 meter är tillräckligt långt men rummet är inte bredare. :)
Fick nyligen en Snowspeeder och Luke Skywalkers Tauntaun från 2011. De har den äldre sköna vintage stilen på boxen, versioner som tyvärr bara släppts som exklusiva utgåvor på stora amerikanska butikskedjor som Target och Walmart och därmed är både dyra och ibland svåra att få tag i. Men ibland gör man fynd. Exklusiva fynd ;)

söndag 4 december 2011

lördag 26 november 2011

På Hyllan.. Back to..

..framtiden! Jag insåg plötsligt att jag hade lite Back to the future saker. Lite. Måste ha mer!
Varför inte ett par av de 1500 ex Limiterade Back to the future Nike dojjor som såldes på auktion med bud på tex 5000 dollar. Som hittat!

måndag 1 augusti 2011

på hyllan.. 11 doktorer!

Denna lilla Tardis-tidsmaskinbox materialiserade sig hemma hos oss tidigt på morgonen..eller snarare så var det postens budbil som lämnade över den. En samlarbox med alla elva skådespelare som gestaltat rollen som Dr Who, den brittiska kultförklarade sci-fi serien.

måndag 25 juli 2011

På Hyllan.. The Interceptors!

Hittade minst 10 snygga canvas målningsmotiv i Top Gears senaste klipp :)

lördag 9 juli 2011

På Hyllan.. Alice Warhol?

Jag målar och tecknar mer än gärna. Utifall det undgått någon. Stina är också väldigt duktig på det även om hon inte utnyttjar den talangen så ofta. Jag har stora pappersark ca 60x80 på lager och dessa ligger på golvet i något rum. Nej det är inte frågan om parkettskydd eller billigt matt-substitut utan där brukar vi sitta med Alice och måla med hennes kritor. Men jag har sett att Alice gärna sitter själv och målar så häromdagen sa jag att vi skulle ge henne ett tomt ark där jag och Stina INTE skulle bidra med vårt fina kladd. På 2 dagar hade Alice skapat detta fina konstverk. Det är kul att se henne måla, det är väldig fokus och plockande med de olika färgerna. De där "fågelbona" som finns här och där är på arket är något som hon gärna fyller i lite extra då och då. Nu sitter inte jag här och försöker inbilla er att hon är ett underbarn med oanade medfödda talanger, men jag är väldigt glad att hon tycker om att måla. Det bådar gott för hennes förhoppningsvis kreativa framtid. :) Mina barndomsalster som finns bevarade i otrolig mängd hemma hos mina föräldrar är verkligen inget att hänga upp på väggen däremot, men det tog sig med åren. Det var bara att lägga bort socialt engagemang, sporter, alla andra utomhusaktiviteter, läxor och flickvänner och vips så kan man måla tavlor :)

fredag 8 juli 2011

På Hyllan.. Att göra ett tittskåp

Ett tittskåp. Hur gör man? Och varför? :)
Som ni ser på bilden så är det ett vitmålat tittskåp, köpt på Panduro då träfärgat 30x20 cm, invändigt djup 11 cm. Deras tittskåp är endast en låda med skåra för sidoskjutbart frontglas. Men Alice ibland impulsiva och våldsamma humör rimmar illa med ordet "glas" så jag tog en vit Ikea "Nyttja" ram som har plastfront. Sedan satte jag dit kantgångjärn 25x20 mm överst och ett skjutregellås från Clas Olsson i botten. Behövde Modifiera låset en aning men funkar fin fint.
Ett tips är att borra upphängningshål på baksidan i god tid för hålen följde ej med på köpet. Borra gärna ett stort hål för att trä i själva skruven och sedan en mindre skåra ovanpå hålet så lådan faller på plats och kan ej ramla av skruven. Fäst gärna skruven i väggen, ännu ett litet tips.
Ni ser kanske en mängd skulperingsverktyg på bilden. Inplastade. De lösa är de verktyg som behövdes, en radioskruvmejsel, en missil från hasbros Star wars AT-AT Walker som råkade ha fina runda former så glöm inte köpa ett par sådana här just för det ändamålet.

Du kan sedan använda en fuktad pensel för att få bort ojämnheter och en kniv och tandpetare för att karva ut detaljer. Thats it. Men jag ska säkert få användning för de där fina verktygen någon gång också.
Allt målades sedan med vanlig akrylfärg. Akrylen täckte bra på den vita leran, det går säkert att använda andra sorts färger, det är bara att platta ut en bit lera och testa på den.
Leran jag använt är lufttorkande docklera även den från Panduro.
Lättarbetad och torkar utan sprickor och den blir lätt och stark när den torkat. Men den torkar fort så tänk på att hålla oanvänd lera inpackad i en plastpåse annars har du en stor kloss torkad lera. Och inte var det det du ville ha? Jasså jaha var det. 
Interiören är tillverkad i 1 mms papp som klätts med utprintade bilder för att likna omslaget på boken så mycket som möjligt. Det har sedan limmats på plats. Ja, allt har limmats på plats för att ingen klåfingrig liten tjej ska skaka om skåpet så allt blir huller om buller.
Så, nu vet ni hur man gör! Sätt igång!

torsdag 7 juli 2011

På Hyllan.. Tittskåp!

Alice har länge gillat Catarina Kruusvals böcker om Fia och djuren. Vi har sett den animerade bokversionen säkert tusen gånger. Okej, lite överdrivet kanske, men taxens flås och "bulle" var några av Alice första ord, inlärt från böckerna. Och jag måste erkänna att jag själv gillade att läsa dessa böcker för henne. De är mycket mysiga och fint tecknade. Nu har jag suttit och arbetat fram Fia och hennes vänner i lufttorkad lera, baserad på omslaget till Fia och djuren på dagis. Detta har nu blivit ett fint litet tittskåp till Alice.

tisdag 5 juli 2011

På Hyllan.. Johnny Cash

Nu har Johnny Cash lämnat Uddevalla! Jag gillar den, vissa tavlor och målningar blir man lite extra nöjd med.

Denna var väldigt kul att göra, speciellt då man själv gillar Johnny Cash sedan tidigare. Jag tror ägaren till tavlan gillar Johnny också. :)

måndag 13 juni 2011

På Hyllan.. liten konstnär!

Jag har stått i vardagsrummet och målat senaste tiden och Alice har visst snappat upp hur man gör. Som tur är fanns ingen färg nära till hands, hon får hålla sig med sina kritor och sina enorma papper som ligger på golvet här och där. Ja golvet börjar få en annan nyans också men det är ju en helt annan historia. Det kommer nog bli en väldigt kreativ liten familj det här! :)

lördag 30 april 2011

På Hyllan.. Star wars Hoth diorama

Nu är Star Wars Hoth Bacta Echo Base Medical center Imperial intruder Control Room Wampa cave dioramat färdigt :)

Här över och under ser ni dioramat utan belysning, tanken var att få in det på ett Ikea Billy hyllplan och det satte begränsningar men även lite kul ideér. Till vänster har vi Kontrol rummet, mitten medical centrat och till höger wampa grottan samt Darth Vader med Snowtroopers.

Här har vi då Medical centret med Luke skywalker i en Bacta tank. Jag köpte två Bacta tanks för att få lite extra slangar och två kontrollpaneler som de har i filmen.
Sjävla "rummet" har jag byggt upp med tunn men styv papp, alla väggar och interiör är i "3-d" för att det ska se bra ut och för att skjutdörrarna ska kunna fungera. Om man flyttar dem för hand så klart :)
Jag har alltid byggt och fixat saker och ting med papp och papper så det var ett lätt val framför hobbyplastskivor m.m. En vän till mig har alltid haft som stående skämt så fort jag ska fixa något praktiskt, vare sig det är att laga bilen eller något annat "Du bygger väl i papp som vanligt". Denna gången var det sant.
Figurernas placering utanför plexiglaset ska likna scenen från filmen. En utdragbar del av golvet gör att jag enkelt kan sätta på ljuskällan som belyser tanken underifrån. Tanken är förövrigt fylld med hårgelé för att få fram luft-bubbel effekten. Säga vad man vill men herr Luke lär ju vara superstylad när han kliver upp ur badet. :)

Nedanför har vi kontoll rummet vars skjutdörr går in till medical centret, här är det compact living minsann!

"datorerna" är pappersmodeller vars dekaler bara var att printa ut på niumbs hemsida, mycket smidigt och bara att vika och klistra ihop. Pilligt med kul effekt för rummet. Har tryckt hål i panelerna och placerat en ljuskälla i varje datastation. Har även dragit in ljus i radarskärmen även om det syns lite dåligt.
Det är inget hightech ljus utan enkel LED-slinga från Clas Olsson. Det ska egentligen vara ett kallt ljus men de hade bara varmt så det får duga.

På höger sida av medical centrat har vi wampa grottan samt Darth Vaders intrång i Echo base. En bortklippt scen i filmen visar att natttid så invaderas delar av den underjordiska basen av dessa håriga yetiliknande bestar.Kul att få med Dartan på ett hörn dessutom. Inte helt screen accurate men man får ha lite fantasi ;)
Snön består av frigolit som jag limmat ihop i olika skikt och sedan format med Acetone (japp, det har luktat så gott i hobbyrummet..not) och slutligen målat med en snöfärg som stelnar likt cement, samt ihopblandad med lite isfärg för den där rätta is-touchen. Som om vintern inte var lång nog.

Jag har placerat en ljuskälla under ispelaren som håller Luke fången för lite mysfaktor. Köpte två stycken hoth luke med ispelare för att få en överdel till pelaren. basen fick man med wampa figuren som ni ser på bilden ovanför.

Japp, det var det hela. Arbetet med bataljen på ytan fortgår för fullt. Peace out!